The SharePoint “Bubble”

By Deane Barker on November 11, 2009

Trends: Is the SharePoint bubble going to burst? : I had a fling with SharePoint a few months ago.  I was thinking that there was no point in putting any other CMS in an intranet scenario, because SharePoint was going to be King of the Hill (something I’ve said here before, in fact).

However, I was decidedly underwhelmed by it.  It’s complicated, and it can be rigid and frustrating in a lot of places.

Apparently, I’m not alone:

I may well be wrong, but I am starting to get the distinct impression that the SharePoint bubble is about to burst. Or at the very least, that enthusiasm for SharePoint is waning and demand for the platform set will begin to plateau.

Discussions with a number of ECM practice leads at major SIs (System Integrators) have told me that SharePoint is no longer perceived as a silver bullet by larger enterprise customers. SIs report that many purchased licenses have not gotten deployed, and that some hard lessons were learned when SharePoint was allowed to grow at viral rates. Once bitten twice shy.

Recently, I’ve seen EPiServer’s own intranet built using their Community product.  It’s simply fantastic, and fits their organization like a glove.

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