Java vs. PHP CMS

By Deane Barker on October 20, 2009

Can Java CMS match the PHP ones? : This is a very interesting post from a Java development community.  You can sum it up in this excerpt:

Maybe while the Java world was engaged in talking of high end, super techie stuff, with the words ‘enterprise’, ‘transactions’ and ‘SOA ‘embedded in every sentence, the PHP guys actually went out and created a lot of simple yet very useful software.



  1. This isn’t so much a Java vs. PHP question as it is a question about Java CMS software vs. PHP CMS software, and their communities. Obviously you could write a WordPress or MovableType is virtually any language, but the simple web CMS communities gathered more around PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby than they did around Java. Perhaps the more interesting question would be why those communities focused on other languages besides Java.

  2. Speaking as a Java programmer I’d have to agree with the sentiment… there is often a strange tendency in the Java world to think more about what to build then to actually build. Not that there isn’t tons of software out there, but if the target audience is “enterprise” in nature… all bets are off.

    For personal projects, I can personally get going a lot faster with Java just because it makes more sense to me after years away from PHP.

    Perhaps the bigger difference might be that Java programmers will tend to think in terms of the “domain model” and objects and whatnot… versus thinking about “data” in and of itself, and the handling of that.

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