OnStar Disables Car for Police

By Deane Barker on October 19, 2009

High-speed chase ends when OnStar halts stolen SUV : Nice.  Or terrifying.  Not sure which.

[…] shortly after the suspect made a right turn, operators at […] OnStar service sent a command that electronically disabled the gas pedal and the SUV gradually came to a halt.

[…] It was the first time since OnStar began offering the service in the 2009 model year that it was used to end a chase that could otherwise have had dire consequences.



  1. My first thought was terrifying, but after reading the whole article, I saw that this was done at the request of the car’s owner, not the police. I’m curious about how OnStart verifies ownership, and what procedures they have in place to prevent abuse of this, but it is much less bad than if the shut-off was at the request of the police.

  2. Yes, but if it can be at the request of the owner then the next step is that it is at the request of the police or the government

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