SEO Rant

By Deane Barker on October 17, 2009

SEO FAQ : An entertaining rant against SEO companies.  I’m not a fan of the SEO industry – for every one credible firm, there are 100 that are completely full of crap.

If you’re a company that’s about to pay some SEO expert, please, I beg you, take that money and hand it to a talented writer or competent web developer instead. It’ll be much better spent.

And here’s why he’s pissed:

I publish a magazine and I know a lot of magazine publishers. And they are forking over embarrassing sums of money to charlatans who say they can raise their search engine rankings. These magazines can barely pay their writers.

A lot of SEO firms prey on ignorance and false hope.  I will grant some exceptions, but it’s largely a disgusting, bottom-feeding industry.



  1. Whoa…squash the hate Deane! There are some dirty SEOs out there, but show me an industry without opportunists. SEO has it’s place and relying solely on good copy and an SEO friendly CMS will rarely provide decent rankings.

  2. Paul, when I granted exceptions to the “hate,” I was thinking of you in particular. Understand that I consider you one of the good ones.

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