Michael Robertson Interview

By Deane Barker on August 5, 2003

Stepping up to a giant: A very interesting interview with Michael Robertson, CEO of Lindows. I didn’t know that he was the force behind MP3.com. It’s interesting that he chose to do Lindows rather than just retire of the sale of that company.

“…it goes back to the fact there are 50,000 Microsoft employees and 53 at Lindows.com. If that’s the contest, were going to lose. It has to be 53 at Lindows.com plus hundreds of thousands of Linux developers around the world versus Microsoft, and now we have a shot. They have a 20-year lead in terms of installed base and applications, so it’s critical for us to leverage the entire Linux community — as it is for anyone that wants to compete in this arena.”

I’m sorely tempted to try a Lindows machine. My mother-in-law is the classic Internet user — she uses her computer for email and Web surfing and nothing else. One of these would have been perfect for her, rather than the well-used but much-loved 233 MHz Presario she inherited from me.