By Deane Barker on October 5, 2009

Drupy: Drupal in Python : Knowing what I know about Drupal, this will be a heck of a thing.  The other thing is that even if you port the core, there’s an astonishing number of modules to reproduce – without CCK and Views, in particular, you don’t have much of a system.

Drupy is a Python port of the Drupal content management system built on Django.

Drupy had previously been a direct PHP-to-Python port of Drupal, but this had proven to be quite unmanageable. Drupy has taken a new direction in which it is being built on top of the Django Framework. This will offer maximum stability and a much more efficient development cycle.



  1. But surely the only reason to choose Drupal over Plone is if you need to avoid writing Python! ;-)

    OK – I’m being funny, but seriously, wouldn’t you just go with Plone?

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