Apple Stressing Out Video Game Console Makers

By Deane Barker on September 25, 2009

Apple’s Shadow Hangs Over Game Console Makers : Interesting article over how Apple is changing the video game marketplace.

Among the questions voiced by video game executives: How can Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft keep consumers hooked on game-only consoles, like the Wii or even the PlayStation Portable, when Apple offers games on popular, everyday devices that double as cellphones and music players?

And how can game developers and the makers of big consoles persuade consumers to buy the latest shoot’em-ups for $30 or more, when Apple’s App store is full of games, created by developers around the world and approved by Apple, that cost as little as 99 cents — or even are free?



  1. Seriously? I’m not much of a gamer anymore but from what I’ve seen, portable gaming devices can’t hold a candle to game / multi-media machines like the PS3 and XBox 360.

    Consoles have… HD Video, DD 5.1 Surround, 10x better graphics, ability to talk to friends around the world in real time, Media Server capabilities…

    Portables have… the ground-breaking ability to pass time while you’re on the john.

  2. To expand upon what Matt said so well, this has to be a joke right? I know of gameboys that have fallen down two flights of stairs only to be picked up and keep working. Try that with an iphone. You might get lucky once but you can’t match the portables put out by Nintendo. As for home consoles, buy an iphone and end up with a 1700 bill after two years (contract) or buy a PS3 and get a blue ray along with everything mentioned above.

    Sorry but I don’t agree.

  3. These are different audiences.

    iPhone games, Facebook games, and free flash games everywhere appeal to the “casual gamer”. These game are easy to pick up and put back down without a big investment of time or money.

    The X-Box or PS3 are much more focused on the “hardcore gamer”. An iPhone won’t likely lure away someone who wants a long, life encompassing game to get lost in.

    However, I’m sure all of the consoles would love to be able to tap into that giant “casual gamer” market. How can they make money competing with decent games for 99 cents, AND not set the expectation that all games should land at that price point?

  4. I’ve linked my name to a PC Magazine article about Apple’s AppStore market, which resonates with this article where it says “it’s full of games” and too little of other productivity and entertainment suites. You could walk into any Apple store and get hooked on the games preloaded on the (demo) iPhones and iPod touches — there’s literally 4 pages. “Ninety percent of the apps are crap,” it said, and cited examples such as offline currency calculators and dozens of Sudoku apps. I mean, how many ways is there to play one game? lol

    What’s missing from the industry is creativity and innovation, and it remains Apple’s discretion what to take off the shelf, a self-limiting policy that deters all but the most serious developers.

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