Intranet Mistakes

By Deane Barker on September 12, 2009

Nine Mistakes That Turn Your Corporate Intranet into a Ghost Town : I really enjoyed this article.  It’s full of some good, practical advice.

Mistake #2: Creating a one-way communication platform: Intuitively, it doesn’t make sense. Tight controls around who can publish, and strict policies and heavy approval processes only stop people dead in their tracks. If you make it easy for people to contribute and publish information, they’ll gravitate towards the intranet, not away.

This post goes back to my post from years ago entitled The Three Types of Intranets.  So does the point below:

Mistake #5: Downplaying the importance of integration. […] the primary value of an intranet lies within its ability to integrate data from a variety of applications for easier management, accepting anything less would give you little more than a fancy Web interface.

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