The Perils of Running a Tor Exit Node

By Deane Barker on September 9, 2009

Why you need balls of steel to operate a Tor exit node : This guy ran a Tor exit node to try and help people in censored countries access the Internet anonymously.  As an exit node, he essentially offered up his IP for people surf though.  Therein lies the rub…

I totally believe in Tor. I think it is a magnificent force for the circumvention of internet censorship but there is a problem.

I was visited by the police in November 2008 because my ip address had turned up in the server logs of a site offering, or perhaps trading in (I was not told the details of the offence) indecent images of children. The date of the offence was about one month after I started the server so it looks as though the site in question had been under surveillance for more than a year.



  1. Hello. I’m an university student in South Korea.

    I saw your posting about TOR. I’m taking a “Freshman Design” lecture in this semester, and my project subject is related to TOR. If it doesn’t bother you, I want you to some survey about using TOR.

    I’ll wait for your answer. Thank you.

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