Enterprise IM

By Deane Barker on August 5, 2003

Instant messengers take corporate world by storm: A quick look at IM in the enterprise. This has been talked about a lot, but I’ve never seen it actually take off anywhere.

“…many are awaiting the entry of Microsoft. The software giant already offers consumer-grade IM and included a corporate messaging client with older versions of the Exchange e-mail server. Later this year, it plans to launch the Office Live Communications Server 2003, which will integrate with its Office business productivity suite and Microsoft’s recently acquired Web conferencing service, PlaceWare. Prices have not been disclosed.”

One think I always thought IM would be great for is automatic notification of system events. When something happens on some system, the user would get an IM notification rather than email. For instance, when a document was pending their review, notifying programmers when systems threw errors, etc.



  1. But what if you’re not at your desk when something comes in? It needs some kind of archiving facility. Something like this would surely be better served by an RSS feed.

  2. Taka beat me to it. The user would still want some sort of archive to look back on. Hey, I know, what if the application sent an email notification!? ;) Technology is always going in circles.

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