C# vs. Java

By Deane Barker on July 31, 2009

C# is now a better language than Java: Interesting post from a Java programmer and self-admitted Microsoft hater.  Whether or not you like ASP.Net, C# is a fantastic language.

But Java, the language, depresses me lately. It’s being left in the dust by other languages. Scala, my current favorite language on the Java VM, incorporates many newer (and some not so new) ideas that have yet to find their way into Java.

Worse, though, for Java enthusiasts: Java has fallen behind C#. […]  Sun and the Java community have allowed Java, the language, to stagnate to the point where, compared to C# and Scala, it is almost painful to use. As a long-time Java programmer, I have to say, that makes me a little sad.



  1. Recently found out about Fan (fandev.org) which is another new language.

    Possibly the most interesting bit is its compiler produces either JVM bytecode, .NET CLR bytecode, or Javascript.

    It’s a mostly sane language design… they recognize how both Java and C# have gone to seed, and are trying to do the modern thing (functional bits, closures, etc.). We’ll see…

  2. just as I say in the Laptop Hunters, Microsoft is good at catering to the needs to the Masses. Apple and Java cater to the elite few. I am also programming in C# and I’m loving the way I’m operating on Controls as if it were an Windows Application (i.e. DropDownMenu), while the server generates the HTML code (SELECT, OPTION, etc).

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