hNews and Why the AP’s Plan is Doomed

By Deane Barker on July 28, 2009

DRM for news? Inside the AP’s plan to “wrap” its content: A nice dissection of the Associated Press’s plan for “protecting” their content.  In short, it’s not going to work in any way that they intend.

In what way does this scheme “wrap” and “protect” the news? It doesn’t; it simply marks it up, and adding tags expressing a content creator’s wishes on reuse has no bearing on someone’s rights under US copyright law. […]

The AP’s news registry will use hNews to embed some kind of Web beacon in news content as well, making it possible to track some uses of the story across the Web. Users who simply copy and paste parts of the story, or those who retype bits of it to use as quotes, or those of simply strip out the tags will of course not end up being tracked.

I find hNews pretty interesting, though.