The Case of the Insulting Javascript

By Deane Barker on July 20, 2009

Most expensive javascript ever?: Opera needed some new servers – lots of them, costing lots of money.  They got some test servers from a vendor, but the results were not good.

[…] one of the world’s biggest hardware vendors – whose name every single reader will be familiar with, and whose hardware a good share of you will be using right now – apparently didn’t do their homework. When Opera’s sysadmin booted up the server to test their web-based administration interface, they came across a single JavaScript statement that managed to piss off everyone up to and including the CTO.

Can you guess the line of Javascript?



  1. As someone who uses Opera when I have a choice (stuck with IE 6 at work), I knew exactly what the line of Javascript wqas. Big Hardware Vendor, how dumb can you be?!

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