Laptop Hunter Ads

By Deane Barker on July 16, 2009

Microsoft: Apple wanted ‘Laptop Hunters’ ads pulled: Sweet revenge for those stupid “I’m a Mac” ads.

It should come as no surprise that Apple isn’t a big fan of Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunters” ads, but some may be surprised to learn the Mac maker’s lawyers reportedly called a senior Microsoft executive and demanded the ads be removed.

Apparently, the Laptop hunter ads are working really well and Mac dropped their prices a smidge, which made them feel the ads were inaccurate.

[Apple] may have good reason to be upset. Since Microsoft launched the ads, which are a response to Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads, there is evidence that the campaign may be radically altering value perceptions of PCs. […]  Microsoft’s so-called value perception has risen steadily since the campaign began in March, while Apple’s has fallen.

I felt personally insulted by the “I’m a Mac” ads.  You basically had Justin Long insulting John Hodgeman.  What pissed me off is that I identified far more with Hodgeman than Long.  The message I got was “if you’re some young, mop-haired, slacker idiot, then a Mac is what you want.  If you’re an average, 30-something knowledge worker, get a PC.”  You can guess were I fell along that continuum.



  1. I can honestly say that I never got the apple ads. As you said they seemed to speak to only a small fraction of the audience. I understand that Apple is still in single digits but I refuse to accept that those 8-9pct (What is there pct now?) all act like Justin.

  2. The Get A Mac ads berate their competition without ever proving how Macs stand out on its own. In short the only message it was ever designed to say is, “I’m everything PC is not..” and “all the bad things that happen to PCs don’t happen to Macs..”

    Simple counterarguments: 1) you are both computers. 2) how about having to find third party laser printer drivers because Macs do not support the HP LaserJet 1020?

    Steve made a snide remark about how MS spent billions in 5 years on Vista, just copying everything the Macs do. But in my humble opinion, much effort is needed to cater for the computing needs of the masses. I have yet to see a Mac powered embedded system such as ATM machines and Metro ticket vendors….

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