Following the Moon and the Weather to Cool Data Centers

By Deane Barker on July 15, 2009

Google’s Chiller-less Data Center: Google is doing some interesting things with data centers.  Some of them have no AC (gasp!).  They’re not talking about it, but it’s suspected they’re using outside air on cool days, and reducing workload on the centers on hot days.

At last month’s Structure 09 conference, Google’s Vijay Gill hinted that the company has developed automated tools to manage data center heat loads and quickly redistribute workloads during thermal events

I love this idea.

The ability to seamlessly shift workloads between data centers also creates intriguing long-term energy management possibilities, including a “follow the moon” strategy which takes advantage of lower costs for power and cooling during overnight hours. In this scenario, virtualized workloads are shifted across data centers in different time zones to capture savings from off-peak utility rates.

This could be easily expanded to follow the winter, bascially.  Shift workloads year-round to cold climates.



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