Office 2010 and the Promise of “ECM by Default”

By Deane Barker on July 14, 2009

Office 2010 Available For Private Clouds: The concept of installed software takes another hit.  Not only will Office 2010 come with a Web-based version, it will be installable, not just available as a service (e.g. – Google Apps).

Microsoft plans to give its corporate customers the option of hosting the company’s new Web-based Office 2010 offering on their own servers in order to give them more control of the product.

I really think this will go over like gangbusters.  A lot of enterprise IT folks are likely drooling over this.

What’s interesting is the content management angle.  If you convert your entire company to something like this, then essentially, every single document produced is part of the same system by default, rather than scattered across hard drives.  How long until Microsoft adds versioning?  Workflow?

We’re edging towards the point where all document-based information in your company will be created and managed inside some all-encompassing system.  We’re “bridging the last mile,” so-to-speak, towards default enterprise content management.

The Office 2010 Web-based app will quickly just become the front-end to a massive ECM system.