Replacing Spark Plugs with Lasers

By Deane Barker on July 13, 2009

Ford to use lasers instead of spark plugs to ignite and burn fuel: Is there anything cooler than frickin’ lasers?  Especially in my engine.

Ford and scientists at Liverpool University are currently testing a newly developed technology where lasers and being used to ignite fuel within the combustion chambers rather than spark plugs. The new technology is supposed to offer more benefits than what we currently have available. With laser technology, it can be focused and directed to multiple points in the piston chamber to ignite many sources of fuel. Also, it is much more stable than spark plug technology, making it easier so crank up a car in cold and damp conditions. Because of the stability achieved, they also say that is uses a lot less gasoline to ignite the fuel, which will save money in the short and long term.