How much does Google really know about PHP?

By Deane Barker on June 28, 2009

So, Eric Higgins from Google posts an article called PHP performance tips in which he presents all sorts of ways to supposedly make PHP execute faster.

In response, Gwynne Raskind from the core PHP team, responds with:

[…] all of the advice in it is completely incorrect. We at the PHP team would like to offer some thoughts aimed at debunking these claims, which the author has clearly not verified.

Gwynne then proceeds to debunk Google’s article, piece by piece.

The example the author gives results in absolutely no significant use of extra memory […] This is exactly the opposite of correct advice. […] this piece of advice is total nonsense […]  We also urge the author to consider the troubling security implications of his examples, at least one of which suggests an extremely dangerous coding style.

Awkward (said in a happy sing-song tone).



  1. This is a perfect example for why I say it’s better to claim you know nothing instead of something.

    When you claim you know something there is always someone bound to prove you know nothing. When you claim you know nothing there are always people out there that assume you know a lot more than you know.

    Over the years I’ve become a genius by knowing nothing.

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