What is it with Scandinavia and Content Management?

By Deane Barker on June 16, 2009

Follow me for a second:

Can you think of any others?  And what is it with those people?  Do they have nothing to do but code during those long winter nights?



  1. No… but what I do, know is that “fickle” has nothing to do with what you wanted to say.

  2. Meh… and Copenhagen is the capital of Holland, Budapest is right next to Paris, Wisconsin is the southernmost province of Canada and Greenland is part of Denmark.

  3. Where exactly is the Midwest? No matter which state I visit in the United States…most of the people in those states claim they live in the Midwest!

    A few years ago while researching information systems I observed that a lot of serious research papers on the subject were from European countries as well as India. The United States seemed far behind from an academic point of view on the subject of information systems including content management systems.

    At the time I was doing the research it seemed to me that Europe and India were already heavily invested in CMS while many US websites were still using static HTML. Why was this? My theory was that US sites were mainly on the Web first when Web CMS wasn’t even being considered. Once many of the US site owners built their static sties to their liking, they became complacent and made no further changes. By the time the WWW was in full swing for countries outside the US…those non-US users had the opportunity to work with fresher technology such as CMS applications to build their initial sites.

  4. How about Escenic in Norway? Plone co-founder Alexander Limi is from Norway. I was thinking that Switzerland has the highest density by land mass: Day (Basel), Magnolia (Basel), Jahia (Geneva), and Lenya (started in Zürich). However, SwissCMS appears to be out of the UK.

  5. @NotAScandinavianEuropean “(…) and Greenland is part of Denmark.” Greenland actually is a province of the Kingdom of Denmark.

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