Run on the Eve Bank

By Deane Barker on June 15, 2009

A Virtual Bank With Real Woes: More Eve Online insanity.  They had a central bank and someone embezzled $200 billion in fake money…which he then sold off for $12,000 in real money.

Somewhere along the way Ebank’s top executive, who went by the online handle Ricdic, apparently got greedy. According to CCP, he made off with deposits, which he then sold for real cash to gamers on a sort of black-market exchange separate from Eve.

CCP kicked Ricdic out of the game. And Ebank has temporarily shut down while its board of directors (yes, it had one of those too) tries to sort out the mess. Depositors, meanwhile, appear to have pulled 5.5 trillion ISK of deposits.

Eve, remember, is a game where a real economy is not only tolerated, but encouraged.  So, anything fake is technically real, since it can be exchanged for real money in some form.



  1. I was an avid player of Eve-Online in the games first 4ish years (my college years). Its a game unlike anything I can compare. The ruthlessness of that game is astounding and the fact that every player, some 250k+ subscriptions, all play on the same server is what really sets it a part. The in-game economics are astonishing and the politics mind bending. I know a few guys that actually make their real life living within Eve. Also, never trust a Russian in Eve, it can only end in tears.


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