The Bing API

By Deane Barker on June 8, 2009

Microsoft Releases Bing API – With No Usage Quotas: This is fairly cool.

In a world where APIs are often limited in many ways, it’s notable that in addition to these technical updates that Microsoft has removed the API usage quotas found in the Live Search API, with just the requirement that it be used for “user-facing applications” only. Note that the terms of use have also been loosed to allow more flexible presentation options such as no restrictions on ordering and blending search results.

I’ve been using Bing for a week now and I really like it.  In particular, the mouse-over result summaries and image searching are actually better than Google.



  1. I’ve been using Bing for awhile as well to test it out.

    I was wondering if you knew of a way to search Bing and Google at the same time and display the results side by side? Like a Firefox plugin that might do that? Or would that require figuring out how to do that via their respective APIs?

    Something like this (This searches Bing, Google, and Yahoo at the same time but only displays the first page)

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