C is the new Ruby

By Deane Barker on June 2, 2009

Web Applications Should Be Compiled: Prepare to be offended.  And perhaps amused.

Web applications are very load intensive. And yet for some reason it is a common belief that they should be written in scripting languages which are either interpreted or run through a virtual machine.

So, what’s the solution?

So this is why I’m writing a web framework in C. I chose C because C is the dominant language right now and probably for the distant future. It’s the lingua franca of computing. Nearly every server application worth a damn is written in C.  Linux and nearly the entire suite of unix tools we know and love are written in C.

And just to finish on an incendiary note:

The best part is you keep out all the losers who don’t know how to code and instead just pontificate endlessly about the hippest new blog post that totally changed their way of thinking because they have no experience. I predict in the future all the good web engineers will be moving to compiled languages, and all the academic idiots programming social networking applications, ajax widget home pages, and projects to better improve our democracy will be staying behind coding in the latest and greatest slow language, going to circle jerk conferences to hear some scumbag just oozing hubris from every pore tell them to get in shape and learn to fly a kite. Getting rid of these jokers is an even bigger benefit than the performance improvement.



  1. As usual, I got to work, oppened my google reader and started reading my feeds. When i saw the feed for this page, i almost had a heart-attack, so I decided to open-up it and read the comments.

    My mind is so stunned that I can’t even remember how to write words in english (I’m Brazilian).


    Was it a joke or was him serious?

    And now im laughing really hard =D

    Thanks for finding this. Now I really believe that around the world exists a lot of fanboys with small brains and a lot of guts to think they have all the knowledge.

    (it took me 12 minuts to write this, I was really stunned) Sorry for my poor english.

  2. I’m all for elbowing the REST and Rails apologists whenever possible, but this guy can’t really be seriously considered until his framework is a reality.

  3. Well, compilation does seem like a natural step. So I at least agree there. Of course, bytecode accelerators are already doing this for us.

  4. I don’t necessarily disagree with him on the compilation either. But .Net is always compiled, and — as you said — any number of PHP accelerators will give you the same effect.

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