College Requires iPhone or iPod Touch (sort of)

By Deane Barker on May 22, 2009

University requires students to buy an iPhone or similar device: Apple continues to spread its evil influence.

Now the oldest U.S. journalism school is asking students to buy those or similar devices to download classroom lectures or confirm facts on the Web while reporting from the scene of a plane crash or town council meeting.

The new rule for incoming freshmen at the University of Missouri School of Journalism appears to mark the first time an American university is requiring specific portable electronic devices. The policy has spurred a debate about the limits and possibilities of technology as well as corporate influence in academia.

Thank goodness some righteous, peace-loving, upstanding citizens stood up against this atrocity:

After […] complaints, the school clarified that it is requiring any Web-enabled, audio-video player like the iPhone or the iPod Touch, which is like an iPhone without the phone. So portable devices such as a Microsoft Zune or smart phones such as BlackBerrys can be acceptable. Just not preferred.



  1. Is it such an atrocity to ask students to use technology that they will need in their lives, career and business. At one time, asking students to carry a laptop was the same atrocity. Iphone and way ahead of other products of its kind. If the school requires Iphone or Itouch, then by all means the children should get it.

  2. And considering the cost of going to university, adding an ipod touch to the students requirements is no more than some of the text books they have to purchase (which by the way, they don’t get to choose to use or not).

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