Another Reason to Come to Web Content 2009

By Deane Barker on May 18, 2009

I just accepted a speaking slot at Web Content 2009 in Chicago in June. I’m going to be talking about modeling content — how do different systems handle the breaking down of logical content into manageable units? It’s something I’ve always been interested in, as the history of this blog demonstrates:

This is directly from the session brief I submitted:

  • How well does a CMS allow you to structure content? Does it have any ability to
    manage different content types? Through configuration, or through custom module

  • Can it structure content at all, or is everything an amorphous “page”? What are some
    common datatypes you might use to model content? What datatypes are offered by
    various systems?

  • Can a system automatically generate input forms for your content? Can it validate these
    input forms? How usable are the forms?
    How well does a system allow you relate content to other content, and in what ways?

  • Can you content pick up properties or attributes from context? Does the content object’s
    “place” in the content structure of the site allow you to derive information about it?

  • Can a system allow you to easily compose content from separate component content

  • Can a system let you have repeating properties? Can you create “subcontent” to
    represent parent-child relationships between content objects?

I love to see some of you there. As we discussed a few weeks ago, this is a great conference for anyone involved with content management.

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