Real Live Game Show on X-Box Live

By Deane Barker on May 17, 2009

First look: 1 vs. 100 brings a live game show to Xbox Live: This sounds very neat. It’s drifting into…enhanced TV, or something? It’s an attempt to take a live event and let people interact in real time from their living rooms.

Microsoft is trying something new by hosting real, live, game-show-like content on Xbox Live. The first experiment? 1 vs. 100, a scheduled, live game show with a real host, real prizes to be won, and questions that never repeat.

[…] the live shows are scheduled, so you have to make sure you’re free to take part in the game. When you join, you either are part of the Mob, the 100, or the One. The Mob competes on the scoreboard and could win Microsoft points and Xbox Live Games […]