Duke Nukem Lives?

By Deane Barker on May 12, 2009

We’re being played. Savedukenukem.com was registered on 5/7/09, the very same day 3DRealms announced it was closing: Is the closing 3D Realms fake? Is this is all just a massive PR stunt?

This guy presents a very interesting conspiracy theory.

[…] this was all a gigantic P.R. stunt to manipulate the players and the fans with a fake “closure,” release tons of footage to restore goodwill, and then to create a fake grassroots “Save Duke!” campaign… all organized by the ad men with the goal of f*cking with the heads of you and me.

[…] OH LOOKEE HERE. Saveduke.com registered by an anonymous proxy the DAY BEFORE 3DRealms’ closure was announced. There’s nothing at the site yet, but come on… There is absolutely no good explanation for this that doesn’t involve asshattery.