Martin Fowler on the Ruby Dustup

By Deane Barker on May 1, 2009

SmutOnRails: I don’t want to re-hash this Rails/porn thing too much, but Martin Fowler has a great essay on it where he captures where the general arrogance of the Rails community has come from:

The Rails community has always had a edginess to it – in part because much of the Rails community is focused on the rejection of enterprise values – both technologically and socially. David Heinemeier Hansson is happy to proclaim himself as an R rated individual and is happy to consign “professional” to the same pit to which he cast “enterprise”.

I’ll admit to finding much to like in the general edginess of the Rails world. Innovation often involves seeing a generally accepted line and vaulting over it. There’s plenty of precious posturing around the software world that I’m glad to see skewered. Many of us have been delighted at how Rails has cheekily whacked over-complex frameworks, vendor bloatware, and other assorted ills. An important target of this skewer has been the rise of corporate blandness, where a fear of offense has transformed into a fear of any authentic communication and the rise of the anodyne press release. I’m right with the rails people on this – software is too much fun to shriveled up in dry talks and writing.

So the view of the rails leadership seems to be this: that the objections to the presentation are yet another attempt to foist empty corporate values on the thriving Rails ecosystem.

He also links to a sad note — Mike Gunderloy was so irritated with it that he’s resigned from his official position in the Rails community.