Drupal for Publishers

By Deane Barker on April 21, 2009

New Report: Drupal for Publishers: Seth Gottlieb does some really high-level consulting in the Big Media space — large magazines and publications you’ve heard of before. He tells them how to content manage their stuff, essentially. And if anyone has some hefty content management requirements, it’s these guys.

He’s writing a series of reports for publishers on various content management platforms and technologies. He just released the report for Drupal. I’m halfway through it, and at $100, it’s a steal.

The 24 page report is broken down into sections that explain what the different stakeholders (the publisher, the editor, and the developer) need to know about Drupal. The publisher’s section contains information about the time to market, availability of talent, cost, and the future of Drupal. the editor’s section covers functional aspects such as content entry, workflow, editorial control and general usability. The developer’s section discusses extensibility, security, performance, and developer resources.



  1. Do you know if the report covers drupal on mobile devices. This is something more and more drupal users want. I appreciate you letting the drupal community know about this report, where do you buy it? please also go to drupal tutorials for the non technical audience. Thanks for your incredible post

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