The Value of Solid State Drives

By Deane Barker on April 1, 2009

Solid State Disks: Spolsky explains why solid-state drives (SSDs) are the new hotness. Looks like this is the next major revolution in personal computer hardware.

I did a little bit of benchmarking… don’t take these numbers too seriously since I didn’t run many tests and it’s hard to get everything right. Boot time dropped from 2:11 to 0:34. That’s from a cold boot to launching Firefox and navigating to Launching 6 major applications went from about 20 seconds to about 10 seconds. In general, the fact that app launching is so much faster makes a huge difference and it was totally worth it. This little laptop is now the fastest computer I’ve ever used.

The drawback? His 160GB SSD was $760.



  1. The drawback? His 160GB SSD was $760.

    I remember spending over $1,000 (of my employer’s money) on a 1GB SCSI hard drive in 1995; last week I spent just under $100 for a 1 terabyte drive. In ten years we’ll probably be buying 160 terabyte SSD’s for $25.

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