Goodbye Encarta

By Deane Barker on March 31, 2009

Obits: RIP Microsoft Encarta, 1993-2009: This is really too bad.

Woe: Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on Encarta, a reference work that, for many of us, was probably more formative than anyone would like to admit.

Yes, please join with me in admitting that you spent a fair share of time reading the Human Reproduction article on your beige IBM Aptiva back in the day. Or produced/plagiarized many a fine middle school research papers, culling facts from its bounty. Encarta, you will be missed.

I loved Encarta, back in the day. It had Encarta 95 and I spent hours reading it…in the days before Wikipedia, of course. This is a good time to re-read The Lost Art of the CD-Rom from four years ago.

When I worked at Best Buy for eight months in 1998, DVD-ROM drives were just coming out. I remember thinking that I had to have one, because then I could browse Encarta without having to switch CDs. I wanted a DVD-ROM drive for four or five years because of this, but could never justify it. When I finally bought a machine that had oneā€¦it was kind of anti-climactic, because I was already hooked on Wikipedia.

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  1. I recall Randy Pausch said in his speech about when he wrote an entry in a published encyclopedia and now everyone can do the same on Wikipedia…

    B) I also remember paying hundreds of dollars to buy my very first CD recorder, and now everyone has super drives that can record any format. Sooner or later we’ll be pondering about whether to get blue ray drives.. :-)

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