Bionic Office, Part 2

By Deane Barker on March 28, 2009

The new Fog Creek office: Fogcreek moved to new offices, and, just like last time, Spolsky details how they made the space awesome.

It bears repeating that at Fog Creek our goal is building the best possible place for software developers to work. Finding a great space was not easy. Our ideal of giving every developer a private office is unusual, so it’s almost impossible to find prebuilt office space set up that way. That means we didn’t have much choice but to find the best raw space and then do our own interior construction.

At some point, I’d like Blend to go in the same direction. I’d like an office with a door that closes. I love the vibe at Blend, but the environment can get distracting, and I’m often a big cause of that — I’ve never met a tangent I couldn’t go off on.

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  1. I agree. I like private offices, and not just for my own benefit. My own company has moved into new mostly open-plan offices, but when I spend a day there, the first thing I do is find a private room to sit in. Otherwise I spend the day distracting my fellow workers. :-)

  2. I like those views ;)

    Fog Creek, bless their hearts, seem to be following the pattern of Google to a tee. Fantastic if you’re a developer (like me), but like the Big G, where’s the emphasis on design? Even the FogBugz home page shows a screenshot with the good ole-fashioned blue and purple link colors:

    At my former job, we tried several project management apps. FogBugz was one of those we tried (for several months, in fact) but it never quite had the great usability we thought it might. And the big problem was that we couldn’t see what the other people were working on at a given time–sure, you can track your own hours well enough, but you can’t get a feel for what the team is doing. (Maybe this is by design to protect privacy? But that shouldn’t be a concern with a task management app–what’s there to hide?)

    Anyway, sorry to bulk up your comment section with this, but our buddy Joel seems not to allow comments on his site…

    BTW saw Joel at FOWA in Miami, where he spoke mostly about the new digs, and how to make your programmers happy. Sadly, a multi-million dollar office makeover doesn’t apply for everyone.

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