Scribd Defenders

By Deane Barker on March 28, 2009

What exactly is the point of “”? What problem does it solve that existing technologies do not? Why do I need JavaScript and Flash to read a document?: Interesting debate over at Reddit about the point behind This is the site that wants to be the “YouTube of documents.”

I thought they were going to savage it, but there were a surprising number of Scribd defenders.

My site’s audiences are alternately middle America and members of Congress. Not exactly the savviest of audiences. And for me, Scribd means the days of tediously providing instructions on downloading OpenThis and FreeThat are over.

[…] I love the site’s viewer – it’s far less likely to horribly lock your browser loading the plugin than Adobe’s hulking mass of a viewer, and the interface is fine.

[…] It makes sharing documents easier. Have you ever seen Flickr? It’s Flickr for documents. Hey, Flickr uses JavaScript and Flash too. Why should I need JavaScript and Flash to look at pictures? I could just get everybody to send me a tar of their photos.

The conversation turns into an entertaining discussion about vendor lock-in and the mechanics of publishing documents to the Web. It’s worth a read.