Gabrielle’s Homework

By Deane Barker on March 11, 2009

I never though my first-grader would give me material for a Gadgetopia post, but here it is.

Here is a scan of Gabrielle’s homework. It is a fake email, and she has to answer questions about it.

You can’t see the writing very well, but she answered all the questions right. She got a star, even.

Update: I enjoyed this Skype I got from my buddy Ross.

I’d only give 1/8th of a star (assuming equal weighting) on question 1. We think the email was sent by Alex. Without knowing the computer Alex was sending from (and knowing for a fact he was using it), we cannot be sure. We need headers! Or even better some good public key encryption signing goodness.



  1. Did this homework come with any kind of “Don’t talk with strangers, even online” kind of lesson? Especially not strangers named Tom who want to meet you in the park?

  2. D00d, your scanner kinda sucks.

    Nah; he just needs to tweak the contrast & brightness a little.

    Good to see that Apple is putting their marketing dollar to work in our public schools still.

    Funny (sad?) thing is that Apple got the boot from the Sioux Falls School District more than a decade ago. I don’t think the kids are any better off for the change. My 4th grader despises computer lab at school, but loves goofing around on the computer at home. When I ask him why, he says the machines at school “… never work the way they’re supposed to.” From the mouths of babes…

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