Overnight Website Challenge

By Deane Barker on March 3, 2009

Sleep is for the Weak: My buddy Ross participated in a 24-hour sprint to build a new Web site for a charity. Here’s a nice recap of how it went.

We looked at the list of requirements and requests from the organization and all instantly agreed that the site was begging to be done in WordPress (or any equivalent system; we had plenty of experience in different aspects of WP so we went with it). 24 hours later, Access Press had a new web site. One member of our team said he was going to go take a nap; I don’t know if he did or whether or not anyone else did, but I think most (maybe all) of us lasted the whole 24 hours.

[…] In the end, didn’t win the contest. I’m pretty sure we were basically guaranteed to lose. Given our non-profit, we had to worry about Section 508 and WAI. While other groups were free to do all sorts of fancy stuff like jQuery and Flash, we were heavily restricted to make the site usable by disabled people.



  1. I’m a bit saddened by the idea that JQuery and Flash are required for an award-winning site. I applaud the guys who did the work with usability in mind and STILL completed it in 24 hours!! I think its getting a bit out of hand when content takes a second seat to flashy animations and textures. I actually just had a story relayed to me the other day regarding a gentleman who drove by a restaurant he had heard about. Tried to pull it up on his iphone and was unable to see the site due to heavy flash use and, instead of stopping and eating, he drove away.

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