By Deane Barker on February 17, 2009

Dear Apple’s flock…: I hate to toss out a Mac-hating post, but everything this guy has written is the absolute truth. Utter gospel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love new technology – I think it’s great. But I’m not going to consign to this crazed kind of addiction that so many people have. No, I don’t need that new MacBook, I’m perfectly happy with my three year old PC running XP! And speaking of Operating Systems, no! I don’t need Vista, OSX or Windows 7 – I can manage quite happily without all that!

[…] Grow up! This industry isn’t about my hammer being better than yours; it’s about what I create with my hammer, and what you create with yours! Like the old saying goes “A bad workman blames his tools” – actually, I’d take it further: “A bad workman feels so passionately about his tools that he values them more than his actual work!”

An OS is just that — an operating system. It manages files and provides a container in which to run apps. Get over yourself already.



  1. As a diehard Mac guy, I’ve got to say I agree with this guy. Use the tool that works best for you. But as a diehard Mac guy, I also need to tell him that he’d work better with a Mac. ;o)

  2. The only problem is…if you want to write apps for that flock to use…they force you to use their tools to build them. I guess that’s what you get when you’re writing software for an appliance though.

  3. Wow; it was late when I wrote that. I should have waited until morning. What I meant to say is that I agree with him that upgrading for the sake of upgrading is stoopid.

    I think what he’s ranting about is the fact that the press oohs and ahhhs and fusses over all the new shiny hardware and software gadgets coming out, and the dutiful sheep that comprise the American consuming public readily jump in line to buy the latest and greatest, only because it’s the latest and greatest; not because it’s better or has some fix or feature they can’t live without. I firmly believe that if a ten year old tool does the job you need it to do, there is no need to upgrade.

    Unfortunately, in my line of work we’re often forced to upgrade by the few customers who insist on upgrading whenever something new comes out, regardless of any need to upgrade. And doubly unfortunately, a lot of upgrades don’t allow easy backtracking to make files compatible with earlier versions.

    I do take issue with his rant about Keynote vs. Powerpoint. Powerpoint is just awful (and not in the good sense of the word.) It’s a shabby tool that produces shoddy results that make even the best presentation look tacky. I don’t say that to claim Keynote will automatically make a better presentation, but Powerpoint is just so terrible that it should just go away.

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