By Deane Barker on February 15, 2009

Airbus A380: Holy cats.

In November 2007, Airbus top sales executive and COO John Leahy confirmed plans for an enlarged variant, the A380-900, which would be slightly longer than the A380-800 […] This version would have a seating capacity of 650 passengers in standard configuration, and around 900 passengers in economy-only configuration.



  1. Do passengers notice the size of a plane when they’re inside it? Surely a big plane feels like a big plane whether it’s a few meters longer or not.

  2. hi i want to start an airlinecalled popo airways an australian airline and i want to order 20 a380 -800 and 25 a380-900

  3. Apparently, there some confusion regarding. The dimension of aircraft: as long Boeing. Dominate sales and technology yes, American. Concepts is accurate the business world getting. Away from cost awareness and capacity. America Boeign attempt everything to stop A380. Besides majority orders, foreign whom anticipate. Expand the concept by Airbus is effective. Yes support it as Dutch national absolutely. A380-900 shall ready by 2014 only error. On Airbus they need additional facilitation. To actual build these aircrafts. Still were a learder in Jumbo airline design. To bad if offended an pro Boeing fan!

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