One Download != One Lost Sale

By Deane Barker on January 19, 2009

Judge: 17,000 illegal downloads don’t equal 17,000 lost sales: I don’t understand why it took so long for someone to figure this out.

Record companies cannot collect restitution for every time a song has been illegally downloaded, a US District judge has decided. Judge James P. Jones gave his opinion on United States of America v. Dove, a criminal copyright case, ruling that each illegal download does not necessarily equate to a lost sale, and that the companies affected by P2P piracy cannot make their restitution claims based on this assumption.



  1. I think the issue is, that we’re finally getting to the point where people who make and uphold the laws are just now starting to learn what they are ruling on, as far as P2P sharing. Not just the “legalities” of it but the actual rhyme and reason behind it.

    As far as my own personal experience, I know that I purchased way more music back when I was using Napster, LimeWire, etc. every day. Now that I only get online music through streaming or downloading it off of iTunes I probably purchase an average of maybe $35 or $40 worth of music a year. With a majority of that via iTunes gift card.

    Reason being, back when I was downloading the music illegally, I found a ton of bands that I liked that way, just by sampling their music and then went out and purchased their album because of it.

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