PC Gaming is Not Dead

By Deane Barker on January 2, 2009

15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All: I always thought PC gaming was dead — killed by the console. However, I got into Steam the other day, and was pretty impressed with that. Then, today, I find this article which raises some really good points which I hadn’t thought of.

PCs are scalable. […] would you rather have a platform that can play nearly anything, past to present, contingent on do-it-yourself propensity? Or be locked into a restrictively governed molding that’s only changed out once every half-decade or so?

PCs ape consoles in emulation. Here’s a point often missed. PCs can be nearly any past-tense console, by hook or by crook.

PCs can be anywhere. […] Swapping between a desktop LCD and your larger living room variety is a snap, not to mention that doing so offers more audio/video playback options than any of the console manufacturers.

Keyboard and mouse beats all.