Sean Penn is Angry

By Deane Barker on December 31, 2008

Sean Penn Demands To Know What Asshole Took SeanPenn@

In an impassioned 1,900-word open letter published in Monday’s Washington Post, actor-director Sean Penn urged the unknown person who registered the e-mail address to “come forward immediately, rather than wallowing in the shame and ignominy of fraud.”

Years ago, I went to get my first Hotmail account. I signed up for my name at Hotmail. It was taken. I was like, “Oh well…,” then “Hey, wait a minute…” After all, my name isn’t that common, I thought.

So I emailed the guy, and he responded. Very nice guy. He was a race car fabricator in California, and we had a great conversation about The Pass at Laguna Seca (at 1:01 or so) among other things. We had a lot in common it turned out.



  1. Sounds like someone needs to get over himself, then offer an apology. Any bets on whether the address was picked up by someone else named Sean Penn? According to there are 27 Sean Penn’s in the US.

    Since that article was written in 2006, I wonder if he’s come to terms with this.

  2. I’ll admit, I took it. Along with Only because Joe told me to though. I blame Joe!

    Ok…we’re all joking here right? This was written in The Onion. That article was a joke…that’s what the onion does.

    And it gave me a good laugh too!

  3. I wish that I had so he would come looking for me. I would love an excuse to kick his scrawny, little ass! Maybe his buddy, Chavez, is using it. What a prick!

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