Have we lost our edge?

By Deane Barker on December 25, 2008

Time to Reboot America: Thomas Friedman goes on a rant about how the US has lost its edge in technology engineering compared to other countries.. It’s worth reading. Technologically speaking, is the US the first world anymore?

To top it off, we’ve fallen into a trend of diverting and rewarding the best of our collective I.Q. to people doing financial engineering rather than real engineering. These rocket scientists and engineers were designing complex financial instruments to make money out of money — rather than designing cars, phones, computers, teaching tools, Internet programs and medical equipment that could improve the lives and productivity of millions.

For all these reasons, our present crisis is not just a financial meltdown crying out for a cash injection. We are in much deeper trouble. In fact, we as a country have become General Motors — as a result of our national drift. Look in the mirror: G.M. is us.