John Battelle Considers a PC

By Deane Barker on December 15, 2008

Considering Heresy: Buying a PC: John Battelle is considering dumping Apple for reasons he hasn’t completely elaborated on. He asked for opinions, and the resulting comments are a good read. Some excerpts:

I do love my PC for it simplicity and my understanding of it. I do hate it because of Microsoft errors and blue screen I will probably have a PC until I get enough money to buy a Mac […]

PCs have so much more software available, more information online on how to fix them, and many more people have them than Macs. […]

Ha! I used to be a smug Mac person before I learned anything about computers. […]

While I prefer the Mac, my PC experience is fine. While Vista is not nearly as good as MacOSX do not believe the extreme negativity about it. At this point, Vista OS is stable. […]

What does it mean to say that a machine is great but the OS isn’t? OS stands for Operating System, s’far as I recall. I always considered myself computer operator, so am I missing something when I say that the OS counts?

I even have a comment in there somewhere.



  1. Bah! The discussion is waaaay to civil. This story needs to run on digg or /. to really get the needless flame wars going.

    “use what works best for you.”

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