The Story of [Open|Closed]

By Deane Barker on December 10, 2008

How became This is an interesting story about a fairly mundane service set up by Peter Rukavina to allow the searching of PEI corporate information. What’s interesting is how and why the government of PEI effectively shut it down.

“When we were apprised of (Rukavina’s site) we immediately were looking to ensure that our corporate registry maintains its integrity.”

She said the data was set up to be searched by company name only and was never intended to be used the way Rukavina’s website does.

She admits there’s nothing in the current legislation to say that it shouldn’t be used this way.

This is because the Companies Act hasn’t been updated since this kind of technology became available, Tummon said.

Seems really petty to me. It’s kind of a bummer, but it’s nice to see someone push the boundaries, and it’s a good read about a guy who saw a problem, fixed it, then had his work tossed out because someone felt threatened by it.

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