Native Client

By Deane Barker on December 9, 2008

Google Code Blog: Native Client: A Technology for Running Native Code on the Web: This’ll be interesting. It’s like the second coming of ActiveX.

Modern PCs can execute billions of instructions per second, but today’s web applications can access only a small fraction of this computational power. If web developers could use all of this power, just imagine the rich, dynamic experiences they could create.

Microsoft will resist this tooth-and-nail, and likely even take steps to disable it. Just think what Google Apps could become if it was liberated from the constraints of Javascript.

Last year, people were talking about how to get Python or Ruby to execute in the browser, which I’m sure would give Microsoft a heart attack.

I normally think the “Web OS” concept is overblown, but this would bring it several steps closer to reality.

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  1. Seems like we’re going around in circles.

    The Web Revolution meant taking processing power off the user and giving larger more efficient processors, creating an ideal world of thin clients. And now we’re giving the processing power back to the local machine (or browser).

    I guess as long as code remains on the server, then versioning isn’t an issue like with packaged software and the clients can be powerful but dumb.

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