Gadgetopia: Where Next?

By Deane Barker on December 6, 2008

What’s the next step for Gadgetopia? To date, it’s been a blog, and a pretty successful one, I think. But, growth is more or less flat, and I’m trying to figure out where to go with it next.

So, dear reader, I come to you. What could Gadgetopia do that would add value to you?

We’ve toyed with the idea of expanding to a “community,” which would, in the short-term, involve adding a forum so all you long time readers can have some two-way conversations with people you’ve known from comment threads. I think the group of readers we have is great, and I know I’d like a more informal space in which to bounce questions off of some of you.

Let me know your thoughts on it. Is there something about Gadgetopia that we could change or expand to makes things more interesting around here?

Or should I just shut up and keep posting?



  1. You could hobnob and kiss the butts of the “web dev elite” in NY and SF to grow traffic, I suppose, but I like the blog the way it is. I guess if I could offer one suggestion, it would be slightly less of the “quick hit” posts (or at least have another feed for those, like Jeff Croft’s links) and more semi-in-depth reviews/thoughts of current web apps.

    I’d particularly like to get your thoughts on project management apps–they seem to be in the same state of disarray as CMSes right now. Not really a consensus favorite. I’d be curious what you think of Magento as well, and whether you’ve worked with many e-commerce solutions…

  2. Your natural advantage is in CMS commentary. You understand this really well from several points of view. So expand that side of the blog. Start open comment threads for particular CMS issues. Since your readers will tend to be pretty smart, I would be trying to follow the model that Joel Spolsky has used over at the Joel on Software forums.

  3. Definitely keep doing what you are doing. I come here after I have exhausted Reddit and Digg to see what other nuggets I’m missing.

    I know several years ago I was trying to push you for some type of community. However, that was back in the day when a) I actually visited the site regularly and b) had more time. Nowadays, I use Google Reader to read the content and only seldom visit the site and/or comment (I think there’s a post there about RSS Readers taking away community involvement).

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