By Deane Barker on November 29, 2008

Squarespace’d: I haven’t watched any of these screencasts, because they would probably break my heart.

We know Squarespace is an unbelievable tool, but there’s really no better way to present our software than just showing you it. Here, our team members re-create sites you recognize from around the web in a couple of minutes using the new Squarespace V5. Keep in mind — we’re not modifying HTML templates or using anything other than our software to make these sites. Most of the time, the resulting Squarespace site is actually more functional than the original.

Some of the titles say it all:

  • Signal vs. Noise in Squarespace V5 in 18 Minutes
  • Scoble in Squarespace V5 in 18 Minutes (well, sure, Scoble…)

I can’t bear to watch. Someone else watch and comment on how it went.

Regardless, kudos to them on a hell of a marketing idea.



  1. Right, it whizzes past and you wish there was a “demo site” where you can log in to see what’s making it tick. I mean, I still saw some CSS hacking flash by, some other code too, but it went too fast to make any sense.

  2. Thanks for the link Deane!

    The above linked videos are more “proof of concept” videos showing that the hosted CMS allows for the creation of most sites without XHTML changes, rather than than how-to videos.

    We do have longer versions of some build videos available at http://manual.squarespace.com/ that aren’t time lapsed, and we’ll be linking to these a bit more clearly from that video series on the next iteration of our site.

    @Frank: Most of the builds required under 15 lines of custom CSS, and all used NO XHTML changes. Again, will be documented better in the full length versions.

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