Pogue Hates the Storm

By Deane Barker on November 28, 2008

No Keyboard? And You Call This a BlackBerry?: David Pogue somewhat savages the much-vaunted Blackberry Storm.

In short, trying to navigate this thing isn’t just an exercise in frustration — it’s a marathon of frustration.

I haven’t found a soul who tried this machine who wasn’t appalled, baffled or both.

Sad. Looks like I’m back to a Samsung Instinct, just as soon as I can get an SSH client for it.

In a larger sense, why is every “iPhone killer”…not? Same with “iPod killers.”



  1. Even if someone did develop a phone that handed the iPhone it’s butt on a silver platter, do you really think the iMob would drop their iPhones and adopt the newcomer? The answer is an emphatic “no”. There have been much better MP3 players than the iPod over the years (this is of course, subjective), but none of trounced the almighty iPod, and I don’t see it happening anytime soon for either product family. Love ’em or hate ’em, that damn fruit company has a license to print money that isn’t going to expire anytime soon.

  2. Do you have an Instinct or just considering one? I have had the Touch, an Instinct and now the Touch Pro – so if you want an opinion on each I’d be happy to share.

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