Colleges still offer email?

By Deane Barker on November 20, 2008

Boston College Will Stop Offering New Students E-Mail Accounts: I’m actually a little surprised colleges were still doing this. I wonder what percentage of incoming students don’t have email anymore?

Many students don’t even want a college e-mail address these days because they already have well-established digital identities before they arrive on campus. That’s the conclusion that officials at Boston College came to in a recent review of their online services. So the college recently decided to stop offering full e-mail accounts to incoming students starting next fall.



  1. I totally forgot that my first official e-mail account was or some randomly impossible to remember crap like that.

    I do remember, however, that the only thing I ever used it for was to sign up for ebay, back in the day when a hotmail account wasn’t official enough to serve as a primary email address.

  2. UNL does. In fact, they just switched this year from hosting their own to using a hosted service. On one hand, they went with Microsoft. On the other, it’s Exchange instead of Hotmail so we get Exchange/POP/IMAP. My department, as well as many others, run mail servers too. Looks much better for student correspondence, in my opinion.

  3. I think universities that offer student email addresses should let the students pick what they are. I know for sure that if my email address were completely ridiculous, I sure as heck wouldn’t use it. My university uses first initial + middle initial + first six letters of last name. If somebody with your same initials and last name already has an email address, then you get five letters of your last name and a digit. I’ve seen email addresses here with 5’s in them. God help you if you have a “common” last name with more than six letters–the address would border on gibberish nonsense.

    Luckily, my university email address is actually decent. It has my full last name.

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