Obama Losing Email?

By Deane Barker on November 17, 2008

Obama may have to give up e-messaging: What is the issue with presidents and email?

Bill Clinton supposedly only sent two emails. And it’s said that John McCain has never touched a computer (although other sources say it’s because war wounds make it impossible for him to type).

Now Obama may have to give his email up? When will the madness end!?

The president’s e-mail can be subpoenaed by Congress and courts and may be subject to public records laws, so if a president doesn’t want his e-mail public, he shouldn’t e-mail, experts said. And there may be security issues about carrying around trackable cell phones.

Obama transition officials haven’t made a decision on what the new president will or will not carry, but those who have been there say it’s unlikely he’ll carry his BlackBerry and he may be in for some withdrawal pains.

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