Will Obama appoint a Chief Technology Officer?

By Deane Barker on November 14, 2008

What This Country Needs is a Chief Technology Officer: This would be an exciting thing, but who would you possibly get to fill this role? Who could bridge the gap between all the stakeholders to make this position work?

I’ve read in a few places recently that president-elect Obama plans to appoint a Chief Technology Officer for America, perhaps as a cabinet-level position. This is one of those brilliant ideas that seems glaringly obvious in retrospect — of course the most technically advanced, innovative, and computer intensive economy on the planet should have a high-ranking official in the federal government dedicated to technology issues! Why haven’t we had one since the dawn of the mainframe, PC, or Internet Eras? Still, much better late than never.



  1. It’s really about time that we appointed one of these, do we really want Senators who think the internet is a series of tubes regulating it?

    I’ve heard Bill Joy, of Sun Microsystems fame, thrown around as a possible name, but who knows who it’ll be in the end.

    Regardless, I wonder how different working in Washington would be versus the private sector – are any of these industry people ready for it?

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