Non-Hulu Content on Hulu

By Deane Barker on November 1, 2008

More proof that Hulu is working is that it’s rapidly becoming a clearing house for lots of media — even shows that aren’t on Hulu are being cataloged there. Consider:

Neither are on Hulu, but rather at the sites of their home networks (CBS and AMC). But Hulu is becoming so popular, they’re in the navigation there, linked through to their actual location.



  1. I so wish hulu was available in Europe… It kinda sucks for those of us not living in the US and still wanting to watch our favourite shows…

  2. I recently starting using which is a super aggregator, I can get a quick scan of popular movies, tv shows, cartoons and news and they update the site ON the hour every hour so for me it’s a time saver if you kow what I mean? don’t have to visit 28 different sites to get my fix :)

    When I travel I enable on my notebook which grants me access to ALL content I can see from even hulu shows.

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